Mrs. Pugh's Second Grade

Fun Website Links to Visit

Here are a few websites which I have found to be educational and fun! Please check them out! If you like one, save its address in your "Favorites" file.

Arcademic Skill Builders
There are many different skill games here! Check out the Jet Ski Addition and Island Chase Subtraction if you are tired of flash cards!

Don't forget all of the multiplication facts you learned in 2nd grade!

This is a great place to practice your skills and to try new challenges!

Math Magician
This is a great site! You can try to improve each time!

Matching game
This is a game made by a teacher for her class to practice the facts.

Math Fact Cafe
This is a great site! You can print out your own timed tests for extra practice, or print flash cards for all operations.

Economics for Kids
This is a great site!! In Teddy Bear Town, some of the first concepts we learn are how money came to be, what money looks like, how it is made, and how a Savings account at a bank works. This is an excellent place to visit!

Clock Wise
This is a good place to practice telling time.

Grade 2 Games
Not just for math practice, some of these games are just for fun!

Fact Dash
Practice problems with a timer.

A Plus Math
Enrichment and practice problems.

Number Twins game
Practice problems at many levels. Also visit the home page to see LOTS of other games.

A list of MANY, MANY different math websites. Let me know if there are some you really like!!

Learning Planet
Many fun Math games! Tired of flash cards? Try practicing your skills with the games on this site!
Tons of fun activities! Have a great time with the games on this site!

Math Playground
Many multi-leveled math games, videos, and more.

Fun School/ Second/Third Grade
Choose your grade level!

Math Magician
Want to get really good at timed tests? Come here to practice. Pick addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division.

Smithsonian Magazine for Kids
Smithsonian Magazine presents Kid's Castle. Post your own messages, play a game, and read about history, sports, science, art, and more!

Telling time
Practice your time-telling skills here! This is a fun site!

*updated 9-2-13*