Mrs. Pugh's Second Grade

Summer Fun  


Are you wishin' for some good things to come your way?


Well, here they are now!!


 Our Father's Day page



 Our 4th of July page



  Our Summer Activities Links are listed below


Black Dog's Summer Camp

Black Dog's Summer Daily

Black Dog Takes You to the Zoos

Billy Bear's Puzzle-a-Day

Ice Cream Fun

Fun Stuff at Fun

Summer Safety links for Parents (Kids, too!)


Keep your brain going all summer long at these sites!


Brain Boosters--Tons of Games (answers too)

Fact Monster's Site

  How Stuff Works (Very cool)

National Geographic Kids

Learning Planet

Magic School Bus Web Site

Enchanted Learning Home Page


Cool Math 4 Kids

Sports Illustrated for Kids

Fun School (different grade levels)


Arthur's Web Site

A-Plus Math