Mrs. Pugh's Second Grade

School Supply List for Second Grade  

Hi! Welcome to Mrs. Pugh's Second Grade!

We have a super-busy and super-fun year ahead of us! In order to start the year out right, I have put together a checklist of school supplies your child will need. This list is slightly different from the one sent home at the end of last year, which is a generic list sent to all students.

I have indicated changes from the Kolling list for my class in red.  Sorry for any inconvenience, but every teacher is different! If "Bookstore" is indicated, please buy the items there. That will insure a uniform size and type for every child. The Homework Assignment Notebook will be handed out in the classroom on the first day of school. This will allow us to get ourselves organized right away and be ready to learn.

Please do not send anything other than what is listed below due to an extreme shortage of storage space. If a brand preference is listed, it is because there really is a difference--please try to buy that brand.

PLEASE-- if you do not want to be replacing your child's expensive supplies , take a few minutes, open up the packages, and write your child's name or initials on EVERY item (every pencil, every glue stick, every eraser, etc., including the outside of the backpack and lunchbox) with a permanent marker!  You would not believe how many supplies are found and never claimed in a classroom every day! Obviously, things that are shared by all children, like the tissue boxes, Ziploc bags, sheet protectors, and wet wipes do NOT need names written on them.

Give your child the tools he/she needs to be successful! At home, it is a good idea to have a desk or other specified area for your child to do his/her homework. Please buy extra school supplies while they are on sale and keep them at home in your child's desk or homework area. Things like pencils, crayons, ruler, paper, scissors, glue, erasers, a pencil/crayon sharpener, and a nice box with a lid to keep them all in are necessities for regular types of homework and home projects at any grade. Having a stapler, tape dispenser, and a hole punch available in the home will also be useful to the whole family at times.

For additional information, please visit my classroom website regularly. I also have a Wish List for donations if you are so inclined! The link is

School starts on August 14. I look forward to meeting you at Parent Night on Thursday, Aug. 16 at 6pm. More information will be sent home after school starts.


Mrs. Pugh


Mrs. Pugh's Supply List

____ 1 Student Backpack (Student Size, NO WHEELS)

____ 1   3-ring Binder AVERY  1.5 " DURABLE VIEW Heavy duty Binder, any color (Wal-Mart/Staples/Target)

____ 1 pkg. of 25 clear Heavy Weight or Standard sheet protectors, top-loading, NOT Economy weight

____ 9 two- horizontal - pocket folders, as follows:

____ 1 RED* poly with 3 holes to go inside binder--No prongs/fasteners;

____ 1 GREEN* poly with 3 holes to go inside binder--No prongs/fasteners;

____ 4 additional paper folders, 1 each of red, green, blue, yellow

____ and 3 folders of any color for inside desk and Music class.

*Red and Green are preferred, but 2 colors very different from each other will be fine!

*Target has Mead 5-Star folders with the holes. Staples has their own brand. Both are sturdy.

____ Zippered pouch (real metal zipper, not a zip-lock) with 3 holes for binder, any color, but must have a clear plastic window so your child can see notes or money inside

____ Art Box (small) for desk supplies with strong latch

____ 2 magic rub white erasers

____ 1 pkg. Post-It notes, 3" x 3" any color

____ 2 Large Elmer's Glue (4 oz. white, not gel)

____ 3 glue sticks

____ 4 Boxes of 24 Crayola Crayons

____ 3 large box of tissues

____ Ruler "Inch" & "Centimeter," hard (NOT bendable) and clear

____ 2 Wide-Ruled spiral notebook (100 or 100+ pages) for Journal

____ 1 Composition Notebook (NOT spiral), Wide-Ruled

____ 2 pads of 2nd grade paper (Bookstore $0.35)

____ 2 pads of 3rd grade paper (Bookstore $0.35)

____ Pointed Fiskars Scissors

____ 1 box Ziploc FREEZER bags: QUART size--boys, GALLON size—girls

____ 1 antibacterial hand wipes (girls only)

____ 1 disinfectant wipes (boys only)

____ 48 #2 pencils, good quality actual wood, Ticonderoga brand, ALREADY sharpened (or open the box and use the sharpener below)

____ 4 highlighters (4 different colors)

____ 1 pkg. Expo dry erase markers--thick

____ 1 pair of earbuds for using the iPads quietly

____ 1 Homework Agenda (bookstore $3.00)

____ 1 old sock (clean, please!)

____ 1 package of 12 erasable colored pencils

____ 1 package of cap erasers, optional

____ 1 good-quality METAL-bladed pencil sharpener with screw-on lid, optional (Staples has an excellent one by Staedtler.)

____ zip-up sweatshirt jacket to keep at school, optional but a good idea (Our A/C can get very cold!)

____ 1 SanDisk cruzer flash drive, 2 or 4 GB **if you were not in Mrs. Bussey's Class--I have all of those already!**

4 packages of 100 white index cards (3x5), unlined preferred

For Specials:

____ Gym shoes to keep at school, optional but a good idea (they don't have to be new, just clean)


Thank you!