Mrs. Pugh's Second Grade

Letters to Santa Claus 2016  

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Here are our letters to Santa Claus. The spelling and punctuation are not edited. They are way more precious this way! Enjoy!

Dear Santa,

Are you really real? If you are I want 10 things, and You know what I want because you know when I am sleeping and you know when I'm awake… I hope I was good because here are some things I want for Christmas, an orbeeze foot and hand spa and an hatchamal. Those are the things I hope I get for sure. Evrything els I still want but, you don't have to get me all of those things.

Your friend,




Hi Santa,

Thank you for the presents last year. I got the things I wanted, plus some extra! I also got cool presents in my stocking. One of the things in my stocking was the cool action figure I was looking at. This Christmas has different things in it and different presents, like an ipad, a wooden baseball bat, and a Cubs jersey. You don't need to get me it, but it's nice. Anyway, thank you for listening to my story!

Your friend,



Dear Santa,

Did you have a good summer? Thanks for last years presents. I was a very good boy this year. Say hi to the elves for me okay. May I please have a Nintendo sd, a hyper stunt drone, a zipee sack, a bright bug, and an ipod. Merry Christmas and most of all I would like a nice Christmas with my family.




Dear Santa,


Have I been good this year. If I have please consider these following gifts. I would like a phone, tennis balls,xbox360,candy,money$$, legos ,rubix cube ,and something really big a BB Gun with extra pellets!!!!! Is every feeling good. Thank you for last years gifts.




Dear Santa,

How are you? I am fine. Thank you for last year's presents by the way. I have been a good girl this year. How are the elves, by the way? And if your wondering here is what I would like (but do not need) for Christmas:



Barbie Dream house



USA, North America

P.S. I put my address here so you can find my house on Christmas Eve.


Dear Santa,

Thank you for the suitcase and travel books! I”ve used them on our trip out west and many more trips.

I love both! Can I have a Hatchimal?

Love, Audrey Bergman


Dear Santa,

How are you doing. I hope you are doing good. I am good. I will leave some cookies and milk. I will also put some carrots out for the raindeer. I hope you have a safe ride. Please can I have a new ipod just like mine. I want some games that are on my old ipod.

Your friend,



Dear Santa,

For Christmas I want to wish you a happy holiday and your other friends at the NorthPole. I want a Nerf bow and arrow, snowball shooter that goes 50 feet far, and an Xbox 1. I want a lot. I hope you have your happy Christmas. We are going to put milk and cookies and carrots. I hope you enjoy your Christmas treats.

Your friend,



Dear Santa,

I tried my best to be good this year. I loved the presents that you gave me for last Christmas. The presents that I hope to get this Christmas are a go-cart, a big trampoline, headphones, a camera, a phone, emoji pillows, an emoji clock, and remote control cars. I hope I get all of those presents this Christmas. I hope I also have a great Christmas!!!

Your friend,



Dear Santa Claus,

Thank you for your presents. This year I have been good from December twenty-sixth and in the future until December twenty-fourth late at night. How many good kids have you caught? We have a fake Santa camera that looks for bad kids. “See you at Captiva”.

Your friend,

Serbian American Luka


Dear Santa,

Is everything going as plan? Is everything ok? I hope so because it is almost Christmas Eve so you better watch out you better not cry you better not shout because you are coming to town!!!! Do you have the list of hoos good and hoos bad yet? You better get going if you haven't yet so get your pen and write it.

Your friend,




Dear Santa,

You are amazing. You deliver almost everything kids want. I don't know what I would do without you .Buddy our elf on the shelf is fine. He hid in the refrigerator and made my lunch. I am getting Buddy clothes soccer clothes. He will look so cute. So how is the reindeer doing? How is Mrs. Claws doing? Is she sing Christmas songs? You tell your wife she is a lucky girl.



Dear Santa and Mrs Clause,

How are you guys doing in the North pole, probably making gifts. You guys probably miss you magical elves .You know you make tons of people happy on Christmas. I only want a few things this year for Christmas. Those things are grey ugg boots with a grey bow in the back. Then I want baking stuff. I also want gold lights for my room. I also want stuff to make slime with. The last thing I want from you is white addias shoes with black stripes and gold tounge. Thank you so much santa you are the best.



Dear Santa,

I love my new desk that you gave me last year.I bet it is frusterating how you are so busy. What are you going to give Ms.Clause.Alot of people at my swimming practice don't believe in you but I denfintly do.I can't believe why people don't believe in you. When I ask them why they do not believe in you they say I have never saw him so I do not believe.this year I would like to redecorate my room.



Dear Santa,

How are you doing up there in the North Pole? Is Mrs. Claus okay up there? You are a very special person. I think I been really good. I think I'll give you chocolate chip cookies with milk. It is going to be great this year!




Dear Santa

How are you doing. How are the elves. How is it going. How are the rain deer? Here are some things I want legos and starwars.



Dear santa,

I like this

haloday because of Jeasus and presents.

Theas are the things that I want,

Dron, fitbit, nerf guns, and a race car.

I think your rain deer are awsome.



Dear Santa,

I hope everybody believes in you. I want to get big and small presents.

The most important part is giving .How is everybody doing up at the North Pole.

I hope to get a dog and lots of drones.

Your friend,



Dear Santa,

Thank you for giving me gifts and fill my stockings with treats not coal. How are you doing? Are your reindeer ready for Christmas? Are all the presents wrapped? Can you please get me everything on my list? Am I on the naughty or nice list?





Dear Santa,

I wondered can you freeze time or slow down time? How are the Raindeer?I hope you,I,and everyone.

X-mas List

Minecraft Story Mode 3 Splunky 15 Minecraft Mini Figures new shirts and pants Cozmo phone and a new big star wars blanket.

Your Friend,



Dear Santa,

Hi Santa! Here is a note for you. I am happy Christ Jesus was born like you too. Here are some questions. What is your favorite color? Do you like board games? Where do you and your elfs live in the North Pole? Do you work in a factory? Here is one of the things I want for Christmas. A mini Ipad.




Dear Santa,

For Chistmas I would like a hover board and a pair of roller blades. I wonder what the North pole looks like? How are you doing? I wonder how many elves you have? How many toys do you make every year , do you know? Am I on the naughty list or the nice list?