Mrs. Pugh's Second Grade


Homework Assignments

Did your child forget his or her Homework Notebook? This is an abbreviated version of the most important homework assignments for the week.



Date Due



Reading and Language Arts


Continuing Connections of the Heart and The Tale of Despereaux.

Wordly Wise: Daily--Practice the definitions and spelling of the vocabulary words. The words are sent home on the Monday following the last test, printed on purple paper. Check in student's binder in the sheet protector.

Accelerated Reader Book Finder website can be found HERE. Students need to earn 2 points per week.

Below are links to some online games to help you review and practice your skills that go with each story in the Journeys book we will be using.

Link to Journeys online resources.

Link to Mrs. Lewis's page of story activities. Click on the picture of the story.

Verb Viper --practice Subject/Verb agreement and tenses

Link to TechCoachCorner2--Language Arts skills practice on Interactive Websites.

Here is a link to Stellaluna read online by actress Pamela Reed.

Stellaluna Keep loading more stories until you see it!




Wordly Wise Unit 15 test on May 9.



Investigations Math


Continung Meerkat Measurement unit.

Each student is expected to complete 30 to 45 minutes or at least 5 lessons of DREAMBOX at home every week.This is a Lake Central expectation, for all students in Second Grade. I will be monitoring students' progress weekly. It is not just the minutes that count, however, it is the number of LESSONS being completed. This is providing the DIFFERNTIATION each child needs to grow in Math skills. **Parents, please monitor your child to see that he/she is not spending too much time in the Arcade or personalizing the Avatar.

Multiplication--Starting in December, we will be working on Multiplication timed tests in Advanced Math. Each student is working at his/her own pace. There is no daily worksheet, as with addition and subtraction, which means each student has to practice on his/her own in whatever way best suits his/her learning style. We are currently doing the timed tests almost daily. An excellent online resource is The tests are randomly generated at the level you choose, and then are timed and graded for you. Use the keyboard number pad to improve your speed.

TechCoachCorner2--This site has links for ALL of our Math Topic Chapters and skill practice. Choose the links listed under Interactive Websites for free online games. REALLY GOOD!! Work your way up from Addition, to Subtraction, to Multiplication, and Division by the end of the school year!!

Symmetry game



Alphabet Symmetry

Here are some websites that can help with math fact practice.

Dolphin Dash -- coin counting game

K - 3 Online Math Games

Mr. Myers Online Math Test yourself online--some are timed, all are scored. This is an awesome site!

IXL Third Grade Math Another awesome site, this broken down into the individual skill lessons we did this year. Activities are scored and timed.

Mr. Nussbaum An unbelievable site with games on many skills in many subjects. He calls it "A Thousand Sites in One."

That's a Fact! Choose +/-/x and time yourself. Choose age level, then games.

Math Portaportal--TONS of Math games!

Link to Mrs. Lewis's page of TONS of Math activities!

Addition and Subtraction--We have finished timed tests, 1 minute for 25 problems.. We practice almost daily at school. Each week we will make a new set of flash cards, one set for school to use with their study buddy, and one set for home use. On the first day of practice, I give 1 minute to get as many correct as possible in pencil, then they switch to crayon for an additional1 minute. The next day the extra (crayon) time is cut to 45 seconds, then 30, then 15, and finally the next day on the REAL test, the time limit is just the 1 minute in pencil. The idea is they can see their improvement as less and less of the test is finished in crayon from day to day.

Memorizing facts means NOT counting on fingers or in your mind--knowing it just by looking at the problem within a second or two. Second graders are expected to practice their facts every night, adjusting the time spent according to their needs. See the link on the left side menu for Flash Cards.

Practice your flash cards every night, or here are some fun games to try along with, or instead of, flash cards for a night!

Jet Ski Addition

Alien Addition

Tug Team Addition

Island Chase Subtraction

Minus Mission

Grand Prix Multiplication

Meteor Multiplication

Tractor Pull Multiplication

Do your own timed tests online at HERE.



Dreambox progress will be checked every week on Thursday.


Addition fact tests Tuesday and Friday.




Unit 35

Look for lists of words on the pink sheet in the Teddy Bear Binder or use the Spelling City link below for the list words. The words for the rest of the year are posted on our Spelling City site.

Always do your own practice test AT HOME by having a parent read the words and the student write them, since that is the way students are tested. Just as with math, the amount of practice time varies with how well the student knows the material. Everyone gets to learn the Challenge (Bonus) words for Friday. See if you can join the Word Warriors!

Visit our Spelling City site to practice the words from the spelling book lists. Click the banner below.



Practice test Wednesday.

Real test Friday.


Clouds and Weather  


Social Studies

My Community, Then and Now  






The LAST book order of the year is DUE at school on Friday if paying by check, or due by 4pm on MONDAY, MAY 13. Please remember to use the FREE book coupon given to you at Halloween!

Here is a link. Our Class Activation Code is GRQGD.



  cond Semester New Requirement

Requirement for the Second Semester! Each student must complete 1 activity each Store week in our Beary Brilliant Shining Star Club to participate in Teddy Bear Town activities at the end of the week.

****Last day for BBSS to count toward the Hall of Fame is WEDNESDAY, May 22. How many do YOU have? Students must have 20 activities done ON TIME to be included in my Hall of Fame.

Click on the link on the left-side menu "Beary Brilliant Shining Star Club" for more information.

  9.   Reminder  

Parents, the office does not send home the lunch Menus. Please remember to print out your own menu and post it in your home. Have your child plan his/her week's meals in advance, so you know which day to send a lunch. Here is a link to our menu for this month.