Mrs. Pugh's Second Grade

Dinosaurs Are Cool!  

There are so many great dinosaur web sites that they wouldn't fit on our regular links page! Here are several to check out!


I'm a Paleontologist (Linked from You Tube-- Ask your parents first!)


Here are the Dinosaur songs from You Tube--ask your parents first!




Brontosaurus (Should have been Apatosaurus!) Also, this is not the exact version I use in class!

Tyrannosaurus Rex--Definitely not the same recording I use in class! But I can't be picky!

Dinosaur Song--I wish there was a way to speed it up like I could when it was a record! Ah, the record player has gone the way of the dinosaurs!

Here are some websites to visit for more information about dinosaurs!

National Geographic for Kids Dinosaurs page

Dinosaurs for Kids--Fun activities for children.


Dinosaur Sites for Kids--Let me know if you find one that you really like a lot!


Dino Jokes page--time for fun


Dinosaur printouts--Diagram and report information about many types of dinosaurs.


Dinosaur quizzes--How much do you know? Print out these quizzes and word puzzles.


PBS Kids Dinosaur Train--Games and activities


Dinosaur reports--how to write good ones


Kids' Turn Central--many links of games and activities


Dinosaur and Paleontology Dictionary--Look up information on almost any dinosaur!


Dinosaur Questions--The top 16 questions asked about dinosaurs, and a place for you to ask your questions and maybe have them answered! Includes a link to the Dinosaur Dictionary.


Sue at the Field Museum--Learn more about Sue.


Billy Bear's Dinosaur page for Kids--All kinds of fun!


Dinosaur Brain Teasers--See how much you know about dinosaurs.


Kids Konnect--Tons of activities for children.


DLTK's Dinosaur Activities page--Dinosaur art projects


Zoom Dinosaurs--TONS of information about dinosaurs. Many, many links!