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In honor of our celebration of Johnny Appleseed's birthday, here are some fun and educational apple links. Enjoy!

Johnny Appleseed by Alec

When Johnny was two his father went to fight in the Revolutionary War and his mother and brother died. When he was eighteen he went to live on his own. He met the Indians. He learned how to live in the wild. He chopped down trees so he could plant his apple trees. He gave away smaller apple trees. When he was 70 years old he was walking into the Fort Wayne snowstorm in Indiana. He became ill for the first time. Three days later he died.

The Johnny Appleseed Song

(tune of "The Muffin Man")

Do you know the apple man,

the apple man, the apple man?

Do you know the apple man?

He planted apple seeds.

He wore a pot upon his head,

upon his head, upon his head.

He wore a pot upon his head.

His name was Johnny Appleseed.

John Chapman was his real name,

his real name, his real name.

John Chapman was his real name.

But, we call him Johnny Appleseed!

Author Unknown

10 Fun Facts about Apples

by Blair Thomas

  • More than 2,500 varieties of apples are grown in the United States, but only the crabapple is native to North America.
  • Apples contain no fat, sodium or cholesterol and are a good source of fiber.
  • Apple trees take four to five years to produce their first fruit.
  • Apples ripen six to 10 times faster at room temperature than if they are refrigerated.
  • Apple varieties range in size from a little larger than a cherry to as large as a grapefruit. The largest apple ever picked weighed 3 pounds.
  • Apples harvested from an average tree can fill 20 boxes that weigh 42 pounds each.
  • Apples are a member of the rose family.
  • The top apple producers around the world are China, United States, Turkey, Poland and Italy. Apples account for 50 percent of international deciduous fruit tree production.
  • A peck of apples weighs 10.5 pounds. A bushel of apples weighs about 42 pounds.
  • It takes about 36 apples to create one gallon of apple cider.

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Apple Challenge problem

Take this apple challenge!! Read the story very carefully.

Find out how many apples Jordan picked altogether last week.


  1. Jordan picked 10 apples from her tree on Monday.

  2. She picked 7 apples from her tree on Tuesday.

  3. On Wednesday Jordan picked twice as many apples as she did on Tuesday.

  4. On Thursday Jordan picked one less apple than she picked on Monday.

  5. On Friday Jordan picked the sum of the number of apples picked on Monday and Tuesday.

How many apples did Jordan pick altogether?


E-mail Mrs. Pugh with the answer!